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Thermal management is of crucial importance to the electronic industry. Smaller, tightly packaged circuits and components create excess heat which ultimately affects the reliability and life of numerous electronic devices. With expectations for further miniaturization, the need for compounds to mitigate these problems is more essential. In response to these needs, Master Bond has been in the forefront of developing thermal conductive adhesives with superior performance properties.

Innovative Adhesives for Superior Heat Dissipation

Master Bond manufactures one and two component thermally conductive systems. They include epoxies, silicones and other elastomeric systems. Applications include heat sinks, fan sinks, package lids, motor controls, multiplexers, sensors, power semiconductors and thermistors. These compounds vary in cure speed, viscosity, temperature resistance, flexibility, thermal conductivity, etc. Designed for easy application, these systems are available for use in convenient packaging.

Our product line includes specialty thermal conductive formulations for extreme service conditions. They include serviceability to 500°F, at cryogenic temperatures, high vacuum environments and easy repairability. Master Bond EP36AO is a single part epoxy which offers both high flexibility and thermal stability to 500°F. EP21TCHT-1 is a NASA low outgassing approved adhesive which cures at ambient temperatures and has superior gap filling properties. Master Bond EP37-3FLFAO has extraordinary flexibility, good physical strength and is repairable. It also offers outstanding resistance to shock, vibration and thermal cycling.