ASTM D4060-14: Abrasion Resistance of Organic CoatingsMaster Bond offers a range of epoxy compounds which have been tested per the ASTM D4060-14 standard test method. This process involved creating 2-3 plaques each of the various compounds of the size of around 4” x 4” x 0.125”. A 0.25” diameter hole was then drilled out of the center of each specimen. The plaques were then weighed out prior to abrading them. A CS-17 harsh abrading wheel, which is typically composed of a polymeric binder and aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasive particles [1], with a 500 gram load, was then placed on the castings. They were then abraded with up to 1000 cycles each and the plaques were weighed after abrasion. The average weight loss in milligrams (mg) and the wear index (weight loss/number of cycles x 1000) were then calculated for all of the products tested:

Product Weight Loss (mg) Wear Index
EP30NS 18.3 18
EP21SC-1 7 7
UV22 53.2 53
EP113 21.5 22
EP30AO 8.5 9
EP30TC 70.1 70
EP114 5.3 5


1 Accessed July 22, 2022.