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Custom formulated epoxy for Kapton Bonding without any surface preparation:

Master Bond EP21TCHT-1 is a specially formulated, two component, room temperature curing epoxy system which offers good adhesion to Kapton (polyimide film) without any surface preparation. This epoxy is suitable for bonding applications involving Kapton flexible circuits, formed coil insulation, magnet wire insulation, etc. In addition to Kapton, this epoxy also offers excellent adhesion to metals, glass, ceramic and various other plastics. EP21TCHT-1 finds its use in various electrical, electronics, aerospace and optical applications. Apart from the above mentioned characteristics, some of the salient features of this adhesive are:

  • Excellent cryogenic serviceability combined with great high temperature resistance (4K to 400°F).
  • Superior dielectric strength combined with superior thermal conductivity (1.44 W/mK)
  • Meets NASA low outgassing specifications, superb vacuum compatibility
  • High glass transition temperature
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion (18-20 ppm/°C)