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Tough, durable Master Bond structural epoxy adhesives offer cost effective solutions for magnet assembly applications. These solvent free compounds are available in a variety of viscosities, have quick set-up times and are designed to be easily dispensed. They prevent corrosion, feature high strength properties and resist exposure to impact, vibration and shock. Commonly used for bonding ferrite, neodymium and alinco magnets, formulations are employed in a wide range of industries including:

  • Motors
  • Power generators
  • Microphones and speakers
  • Measuring instruments
  • Lifting equipment
  • Computer storage devices
  • Power hand tools

Additional advantageous properties of Master Bond epoxies are:

  • High/low temperature serviceability
  • Moisture/chemical resistance

Both one and two part component epoxy systems are frequently used to meet the demanding requirements of magnet assembly manufacturing companies. Our one component systems are no mix compounds and cure rapidly at elevated temperatures. Two component products cure at room or slightly elevated temperatures. Special emphasis has been placed on optimizing reliability, increasing productivity and consistent performance.

Select epoxy coating systems are often employed to protect neodymium magnets from moisture exposure. They provide outstanding corrosion protection and are often the system of choice for indoor/outdoor environments. These formulations have demonstrated increased magnet durability, can be applied in a thin layer (10-20 microns) on different sizes/shapes such as rings, blocks, spheres, discs/cylinders. They are noted for their ability to guard against salt air, salt water abrasion. Available in a wide range of colors, these products possess an attractive appearance. Custom grades have been developed for potting/encapsulation and exhibit exceptional thermal mechanical properties, good heat dissipation characteristics, low exotherm, versatile cure schedules. These low viscosity compositions are solvent free. They have proven most effective in contributing to stable long term magnet performance.