Two part silicone for high performance casting, potting & encapsulation and sealing

Key Features

  • Superior thermal conductivity
  • Low exotherm; very long pot life
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Superb electrical insulation properties
  • Can cure in thicknesses up to and beyond 1-2 inches
  • High temperatures resistance to +400°F

Product Description

Master Bond MasterSil 151AO is a two component, low viscosity silicone compound for high performance potting and encapsulation. MasterSil 151AO combines high temperature resistance, superior flexibility and very good thermal conductivity. MasterSil 151AO is an addition cured system and does not require exposure to air for complete cross-linking. It has a convenient 100 to five mix ratio by weight and will not outgas while curing. It is 100% solids and contains no solvents. MasterSil 151AO has an exceptionally low viscosity enabling it to be highly desirable for potting and encapsulation. First and foremost, MasterSil 151AO, as is true with silicones in general, offers remarkable flexibility and high temperature resistance. It has superb electrical insulation properties. Its flexibility allows it to withstand severe thermal cycling and resist vibration and shock. Also, it is very water resistant. These properties make this system well suited for applications involving sensitive optical and electrical components where heat dissipation is critical. Some additional applications include encapsulating heat generating electronic components, heat sink attachment and potting sensors, among many other uses. MasterSil 151AO is white in color. The service temperature range for this system is -65°F to +400°F.

Product Advantages

  • Addition cured; no by-products released during cure; does not require air for curing
  • Readily cures at ambient temperatures or faster cure at elevated temperatures
  • Very low shrinkage upon cure
  • Low viscosity ideal for potting and encapsulation
  • Passes fungus resistance MIL-STD-810G

Industrial Certifications

MIL-STD-810G for Fungus Resistance

Meets EU Directive 2015/863




MasterSil 151AO is available is various sizes and units to accommodate customer's needs.

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