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Supreme 70CN epoxy has been formulated using natural, renewable and sustainable ingredients without compromise to its high performance properties.

Master Bond MasterSil 151S is an addition curing, two part silicone that may be used as an adhesive, sealant, coating or form-in-place gasketing material.

EP5G-80 is a specialty non-metallic paste system designed for heat sensitive electronic applications where high levels of conductivity are needed.

Master Bond EP3HTS-TC is a super unique epoxy utilizing a non-sintering silver technology to provide ultra high heat transfer capability.

This wide range of adhesive compounds meet NASA low outgassing specifications and feature their own unique set of high performance properties such as optical clarity, thermal conductivity, cryogenic serviceability and more.

Since sensors work by responding to outside environmental factors such as heat, light or motion, it is crucial to use an adhesive that will not impede on the components’ ability to gather outside information.